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Welcome to our Myanmar Travel Blog by Osuga Myanmar. In this travel blog we want to help you planning your trip to Myanmar. We will help you understanding more about the culture and way of life of locals as well as introduce you to the most popular destinations in Myanmar. We will also tell you some secrets and tips that can be useful during your stay and also share some personal experiences there. So let’s start!

Pindaya Cave, Full of Thousands of Buddha Images

Thousands of Buddha Images in Pindaya Cave

The Pindaya cave is set in a limestone hill. It contains three caves, only one of them open to public. This cave is about 150 meters long and contain Thousands of Buddha Images. Various styles of images represent the different eras from the early Konbaung dynasty to current condition in which they were assembled. Unless […]

5 Yangon Heritage Buildings You Should Not Miss

Strand Hotel from Yangon Heritage Building

Let’s explore today some of the Yangon Colonial Buildings. The city was built under the influence of the British Colony and still keep most of the buildings in good conditions. If you are interested in those kind of architecture’s gems stocked in the time, you will love our list of 5 Yangon Heritage Buildings You Should […]