Carnet de Passage

Carnet de Passage

Nowadays, some people prefer to travel with their private vehicles. To travel like this you need to apply the Carnet de Passage. This can be assumed as the passport for the vehicle and a custom document that pinpoints the vehicles of the travelers. This will give you a chance to import your vehicles temporarily without leaving the cash deposit at the border.

How to apply Carnet de Passage

You have to go to your Automobile Association and apply for it and you can use it for 1 year. If it is more than one year, you have to purchase a new one. The cost for Carnet de Passage relies on your country. You have to pay deposit to the Automobile Association according to your vehicle and the countries that you want to visit. They will give back your deposit when you return to your country.

Carnet de Passage in Custom Office

Carnet de Passage
The stamp and sign on the Carnet de Passage

The custom officers will stamp, sign, write the date and name of the custom post on the importation voucher of CPD upon the entry. After completing and stamping on the left part of the counterfoil, they will detach the importation voucher from CPD and kept in file. When your vehicle exit, the exportation  voucher will be signed by the Custom Officers. Then they will complete the right part of the counterfoil, stamp, write the date, sign and separate the exportation voucher. If you do not have these, you cannot collect your deposit from the association. You will lose your deposit even you miss one stamp because they suggest that it is illegal.

Description of Carnet de Passage

The cover of CPD states the name of the holder, issuing association and the international organizations which under the network of AIT and FIA. The inside front cover tells the details information about the vehicle. The back cover writes the lists of countries where the CPD is necessary. Moreover, there also contains instructions and essential information for the bearer. Carnet de Passage is printed in English and French languages. Each page is utilized for the country enter and exit. For tourism industry, this can assist the travelers and their vehicles in order to cross the international borders with the greater speed, less formalities and without the cash payment and reimbursement facilities. The CPD is not necessary in some countries such as Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America. Although in Belgium, Denmark, Finland and Greece, CPD is essential for racing cars and ambulances.


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