Shwe Indein Pagoda

Shwe Indein Village, which is on the Inle Lake is famous day by day among the tourists because of the architectural features from the retrospect.

Shwe Indein Village

It is one of the little villages in Inle Lake , which is just next to Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda and on the western bank of the lake. Moreover it is also the village which hold the Inle 5 day market. You can access to this village with the boat by passing through Inn Thein creek. The paddy fields are on both sides of the creek. So you can observe the farmers who plow the field with water buffaloes. During lunch time, while the farmers enjoying lunch and the buffaloes submerge themselves in the creek.

Indein creek is not too wide and also has many  zigzags. The most important point is that you can visit this site only in the rainy season. In the winter and summer, the water is too flimsy to travel. On the other hand, this village is a little bit far from the main orbit of Inle Lake. So the charge of boat will be more expensive and trip also longer than usual.

Furthermore, this village is prominent for pagodas of many forms and sizes which were here since retrospect. There are also a couple of white renewed temples. However, there are many differences of architectural characteristics between the new and old ones. Even though the contemporary architectures influence the new temples, they even be unforgettable.

Nyaung Ohak Pagodas

There were two classifications of pagodas in bygone years, Nyaung Ohak and Shwe Indein. The former one which is near to the boat landing has the meaning of “cluster of banyan trees”. Some of the pagodas are preservable carefully, however, some are not restored. On the other hand, there are many propagation of plants and trees.

Nyaung Ohak Pagoda

Shwe Inn Thein Pagoda

From Nyaung Ohak, you have to ascend to the latter named Shwe Indein Pagoda which is on summit of hill. This walkway may be around 700 meters long. Along the walkway, there are many vendors where you can purchase Shan Traditional Accessories. This pagoda is supposed to here in the preceding date of the Indian Emperor Ashoka. This emperor was who transferred monks all around Asia to escalate the Buddhism in the 3rd century. Many consider that the Kings from the Bagan Empire assembled the pagodas at this site. Another point is that it collects hundreds of pagodas. Most of them are from 17th and 18th centuries. However, the first and foremost one express the date of 14th century.

Many of the pagodas which are lack of renovation, miss the element look like ornamental umbrellas. Both of Myanmar and Tourists, donate to restore a number of temples. In the heart of the Shwe Indein group, there is the holy place of Indein Buddha Image. Many consider that King Ashoka erected this place and accommodated the meditative position of Golden Buddha Image.

Shwe Indein Market

This colourful and vibrant market near to the wharf, sells the souvenirs of Shan State. The major construction of the market is by the assistance of bamboo and straw materials.

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