Maha Bandula Park – Yangon

Obelisk in Maha Bandoola Park

There are many places to visit in Yangon and Maha Badula Park is the one you should not miss to visit. When you get in Yangon, you should go first to Sule because it is the main important business locality of Yangon Myanmar. Now I would like to take you to Maha Badula Park in Yangon. Moreover, the name of this park refers to the great General Maha Bandula, who contested the British during the first Anglo Burmese War. At first, this park seem abandoned and nowadays the respective authority maintain and can be accessible to the public.

??  The Independence Monument in Maha Bandoola Park

Maha Bandoola Park
The tall and white obelisk in Maha Bandoola Park which seems parallel with the background buildings

Nowadays that’s we called Maha Bandoola park (also spelled Mahabandula or Mahabandoola), founded as Fytche Square in honour of British Burma. It is also well known as Tank Square. A white marble statue of Queen Victoria was placed in the center of the Park. Then the park was changed the name of Bandula Square.

After 1948, a white obelisk Independence Monument was established at the center of the park. Then they superseded the statue of Queen Victoria. After Myanmar Independence, the statue Queen Victoria was brought back to England. In 2012, the architect Sithu U Tin remodeled the Independence Monument who is the same architect for City Hall.

?  Attractions at Maha Bandula Park

Maha Bandoola Park
View of Yangon City Hall from Maha Bandoola Park

The Maha Bandoola Park is the one of Public Park at downtown in Yangon. The park’s most impressive feature is a 152 Ft white obelisk Independence Monument. It surrounded by five concentric circles of Lion. This park offers enjoyable views of surrounding heritage building, including Sule Pagoda is the located in the heart of downtown. And Yangon City Hall is largest hall in Myanmar, the building is featuring traditional tiered roofs called Pyatthat. It is next to the High Court Building of colonial style and the major thoroughfares from different directions making a circuit around the park and the old Rowe & Co department store, now a bank. Furthermore, there is also Immanuel Baptist Church, the Mosque and the Hindu temple around this park. Therefore, Myanmar citizens regard this area as the convergent of four religions.

⛹️‍♀️ Activities in Yangon Maha Bandoola Park

In the early morning, you can enjoy with your family or friends around the Maha Bandula park. Some people are walking and running with pet, can see  all age groups are doing regular physical exercise or activity. Some kids are playing in the park. You can take a breath fresh air and you can also create your memorable time. After that you can have a breakfast near park. You should try our traditional food likes mohingar and Myanmar tea. Mostly there are crowded with people, buses and cars. Some people are running to their work to get there on time.

There is a “street market” beside Maha Bandula Park. You can explore their life and find our Myanmar foods. Some people are sitting with their friends in the park. Sometime you can see event in memorable day likes Independence Day. When the sun goes down, sometimes you can see the colorful cloud in the sky. In the last year, I have appreciated the show about the couple of bamboo puppet which heights are around 10 meters.

?  Entrance Fees and Opening Hours of Maha Bandula Park

There is no need to pay any entrance fees for Maha Bandula Park. The park usually opens 5:30 in the morning and closes 6:30 in the evening. Sometimes this place holds a small live show.

?  How to get there?

As Maha Bandula park is located in downtown, you can easily go there by taking bus or trains. As the bus stop is just beside the Maha Bandoola Park, you need to make just one or two steps to reach there. You can take YBS 56 with the fees of 100 kyat and get off at the 30th street bus stop.

? General Maha Bandoola

Maha Bandoola, he was the commander in chief of Myanmar Armed Forces. Moreover, he was also the crucial figure for the Konbaung dynasty because he could win the battle in Manipur and Assam. He was impressive because he fought against the British expansionist passed away during this war. Nowadays, there are many places in Myanmar which name as Maha Bandula.


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