Mandalay Palace

Aerial View of overall Mandalay Palace

Would you like to observe the last royal palace of the final kingdom in Myanmar? This Mandalay Palace will show you the accessories and living style of ancient Myanmar kingdom. Moreover, you can also enjoy the Mandalay palace architecture among these buildings.

Mandalay Palace History

Mandalay Palace Interior
Interior of Mandalay Palace with walkway among the golden columns

Mandalay is famous as the second largest city of Myanmar which was built in 12th century. It is near with Mandalay hill, the highest hill in this city. The local people believe that the Buddha put his feet on this hill. According to this legendary, the king built the Mandalay Palaces at the bottom of the hill to honor the 2400-year-old Buddhism. The king wanted to switch the Mandalay region into a Buddhist capital of Myanmar. Let us share about the Mandalay Palaces history. Mandalay Palace, the last royal palace of Myanmar, constructed between 1857 and 1859. It was also a symbol of King Mindon’s discovering the new royal capital metropolis of Mandalay. The arrangement of Mandalay Palace primarily follow the Myanmar traditional palace pattern. Mandalay palace is at the heart of fortress and faces east direction. Moreover, all of the buildings within the Mandalay palace compound are one storey in height. Not only last royal palaces but also the primary residence for King Mindon and King Thibaw, the rearmost kings of Myanmar. After the British occupying Myanmar, Fort Dufferin, the Viceroy and Governor-General of India achieved this palace. During the Second World War, Japanese used it as the military camp. Then most of the Mandalay palaces compound had suffered from allied bombing except the royal mint and watch tower. In 1990, people rebuilt the duplicate of royal palace Mandalay by using modern materials.

Mandalay Palace Architecture

Within the Mandalay Palace compound, there are many buildings designed with Myanmar Architectural Characteristics. It is 413 hectare wide and The following paragraph will show you the details of Mandalay Palace Architecture.

The Wall

Exterior of Mandalay Palace
Fortress of Royal Palace Mandalay with between blue sky and Mandalay lake

First of all there are four fortresses at Mandalay royal palace, each of them are 2 kilometer long and entirely square shape. Moreover, there are 48 parapets with the tops of gold pyatthats and encompass with a moat. In order to have access to the battlements and to nourish the wall, a moderately inclined slope is placed beyond it.


There are three gateways in Mandalay Palace which set at equivalent intervals on each face of the enclosure. The most important point is that each of the twelve gates has zodiac sign. In the east wall, there is the central gate which faces the Great Hall of Audience and Lion Throne.

Masonry Screens

The masonry screens which protect the entry of royal palace Mandalay to each gateway. They perform as defense for the gate and the bridge. Moreover, there is a giant teak pillar which lies on a brick plinth.

The Moat

The 64 meters wide moat is enclosing the wall of Mandalay Palaces in order to arm ancient weapons. The five moats which spin over the five wooden bridges. The four of each head to the four major gates. However, the last one guides to the south western gate so as to carry out dead bodies. Furthermore, the British erected two more bridges, one at the south west and the last at the north west corner of royal palace Mandalay to supply materials into the fort.

Clock Tower

When you enter the Mandalay Palace from the east, the clock tower will wait for you. This tower is simple with a high square plinth and the top of the columns are crowned with double roof to maintain a wooden platform. This tower of palace Mandalay is to inform the passing of time to the city by making a sound.

Relic Tower

The relic tower is to the south of the clock tower. The most important point is that it is an impressive sample of Mandalay Palace Architecture. The only entrance which can enter into this tower is on the west. Even though it named a relic tower, you can discover a Buddha statue rather than relic.

Royal Mausoleums

The north side of the clock tower is a number of mausoleums, erected so as not to lose memory for the Royal Family of palace Mandalay. After constructing the grave for King Mindon, King Thibaw erected it with a brick pyathat in order to recognize his father.


Mandalay Palace Hluttaw
The impressive Hluttaw or Supreme Court with multi tiered roof in Mandalay Royal Palace

The Hluttaw or supreme court building is with a multi tiered roof and elegant with dark reddish brown color. This is where the justice of the peace by the king of Mandalay Palace.

Royal Mint

It was one of the original buildings of Royal Palace Mandalay after Second World War. So this can show you the authentic Mandalay Palace Architecture. It is just a few meters from the royal mausoleums. In 1865, it was also where the first of Myanmar coin minted.

Watch Tower

Watch Tower
Watch Tower Watch Tower of Mandalay Royal Palace with neighboring buildings

The watch tower is the another original building of Mandalay Palace as Royal Mint. In retrospect, it became the spot of viewing Mandalay City. This solid and reddish brown cylindrical tower is 24 meters in height and topped with seven golden Pyathat roof.

Great Audience Hall

This is very complex and attractive with the roof of seven tiered Pyatthat. The eave board of the roof accessorized with flower patterns. However, the bygone building was completely gilded.

Lion Throne Room

This room was to keep the lion throne of Mandalay Palace, the most impressive wooden one among eight thrones because only king can sit on it. Moreover, it is elegantly furnished with wooden structure to have a smooth finishing than the others. Behind the throne, there is a step so as to access on it. The other thrones in the palace were Hintha Throne, Bee Throne, Lily Throne, Elephant Throne, Thinga Throne, Deer Throne and Peacock Throne.

Glass Palace

Glass Palace or Hmannandawgyi is the most colossal and beautiful building of the Mandalay Royal Palace. There are two rooms which distinguish by using a wooden partition.The Bee Throne is in the east room and furthermore King and Queen held the celebration of Myanmar New Year. The west room was a living room for King Mindon and the four queens. Even though princesses or minor queens could not enter into the room with slippers and golden umbrellas.

Mandalay Palace Area

Mandalay Palace
Aerial view of Mandalay Palace with the landscape gardening

Even though most of the area of Mandalay Palace reconstructed and cannot specify the original, it still can show the awe-inspiring culture of preceding Myanmar. The most majestic structure will be multi tiered pyathat roof above the lion throne room.

Mandalay Palace Entrance Fee

You can only access to the Mandalay Palace from the east entrance and also need to take ID. If not you have to pay $10 for the deposit.

Mandalay Palace Opening Hours

Mandalay Palace opening hour is from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm for everyday.

How to Get there?

Mandalay is the second most famous city after Yangon and it also has the international airport. You can take a flight to there from Yangon with Myanmar National Airline . There are also the express bus service of Mandalar Minn Express, Joyous Journey Express and Shwe Mandalar Express. Around Mandalay, there are the Tuk Tuk services so you can hire them and visit around the city.

How many hours do you spend to visit this palace? Do you think it is worth to visit when you are in Mandalay? Let us know your thoughts by sharing it in the comment. Hope this post will be interesting for you and wish you would not forget to leave rating for this.

Would you like to enjoy your holidays in Myanmar? We would like to invite you to visit our country including Mandalay Palace together with us. We can assure you that we will provide the blissful moment for you.

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