Thanboddhay Pagoda in Monywa

Monywa, a city of Sagaing on the bank of Chindwin River, in the center of Myanmar and the west of Mandalay. This city holds some of the unique sites for the tourists. It is famous as a religious sites because it has many historic pagodas and monasteries.

Monywa Attractions

There are many tourist attractions in Monywa. The valley around Monywa is sprinkle with farms, pagodas and villages. The agriculture in rural zone is overspread with beams, cotton and palm sugar. Furthermore, there is a vast copper mine on the west bank of Chindwin River. You can easily purchase traditional handicrafts and  textiles from the local market. If you will visit there, the following places are the must.

Thanboddhay Pagoda

thanboaddhay pagoda in monywa
Worm’s eye view of the impressive Thanboaddhay Pagoda

Thanboddhay Pagoda is one of the must see attractions in Monywa. It houses a total of over 500,000 Buddha images. Furthermore, these images are sculpted all around the pagoda which also includes even the columns and towers. The most noteworthy is that the entrance of this pagoda is unusual with others because the two white elephants serve as the guide instead of lions. During the second world war, it was a place to stay the victims.

Giant Buddhas in Monywa

Buddha Images in Monywa
Standing Buddha Image and Reclining Buddha Image in Monywa

There are two giant Buddha images and one of them record as the second largest in the world. It is the standing Buddha image and the height is 116 meters. You can have an access to the interior of this Buddha image and go to at the top of this building to enjoy the surrounding environment. Then the next one is reclining Buddha image which is 90 meters long. It also in the list of one of the largest one in Myanmar.

Bodhi Tahtaung Pagoda

Bodhi Tahtaung Pagoda in Monywa
The sitting Buddha Images under the Bodhi Trees

This is famous because a thousand of sitting Buddha image set beneath a thousand of Bodhi tree. Moreover, this is just neighboring with the giant Buddha images. In 1960, Maha Bodhi Tahtaung Sayadaw founded this site and he spread seeds to grow Bodhi trees. You can also experience the monks who learn Buddhist literature

Shwe Gu Ni Pagoda

Shwe Guni Pagoda in Monywa
Sitting Buddha Image of Shwe Guni Pagoda in Monywa

Shwe Guni pagoda is on Kyaukka Road and seems to be established in 14th century and one of the 34,000 pagodas.  It is about 15 kilometers on the east of Monywa. The King Thiri Dhamma Tahwka built this pagoda and at this time it was the name of Kyaukkan and also well known as Myo Oo Athawka pagoda. After that the king of Kyaukka built the new pagoda on the top of it. During the period of king Thalun, the pagoda was destroyed and recollected a new.

Kyaukka Village

It is a small village, nearly 10 miles far from Monywa and beyond Shwe Gu Ni Pagoda. Even though it is just a small village, it is prominent for it’s lacquer ware accessories. Therefore visitors can observe about the workshop where the production of the black and gold lacquer. The lacquer ware from Kyaukka and Bagan are the most popular in Myanmar. Especially, the gold and black lacquerwares from this village are famous in Upper Myanmar.

Famous Monastery

The Ledi Kyaung Monastery, which established in 1886, in the North East of the city. One of the well known monks in Myanmar built this monastery. It also houses with 806 stone slabs which inscribe the Buddhist texts. The most important point is that it is prodigious for its unique design of lacquer ware.

Twin Taung

view of twin taung
Twin Taung where the original of famous spirulina

This is the hill in the north of Monywa and near with Budalin. It is not just a mountain because people produce dietary adjunct from the weeds of this hill. Moreover, this is one of the famous dietary supplements in Myanmar.  

In which sites, have you ever visited when you were in Monywa? Do you have any unforgettable memories when you were there? For me, I bought fruit salad with more expensive price than Yangon. So let us know, whether you have good or bad experience by writing comments. If there are any more interesting places in Monywa, please share us. We would be enchanted if you give rating for this post.

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