Myanmar Land Borders

If you wish to visit Myanmar and you want to enter crossing any land border, by foot, bicycle, public transport or driving your own vehicle, you will be pleased to find very useful information in this update. Myanmar is a country in full swing, which means that the laws, infrastructure as well as the requirements change very fast. For that reason we update this post frequently, to help all the travelers that plan to visit our beautiful country.

This information is 100% reliable and is based on our extensive experience offering Border Crossing Tours to hundreds of international travelers with the support of the Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

Update August 2018: Since August 8, India and Myanmar have updated their borders and abolished the special permits to transit the area. So from now on all travelers traveling without any motor vehicle can cross the border freely. If you want to drive your own foreign vehicle in Myanmar, please click here.

To avoid any misunderstandings, we want to emphasize the restrictions to introduce a vehicle with foreign registration in Myanmar. Regardless of which border you enter, to drive a foreign vehicle in Myanmar it is necessary to obtain permits from the Ministry of Tourism and Hotels as well as from the Customs Department.

Osuga Myanmar provides these necessary permits, but to obtain them we have to show a fixed itinerary including hotel reservations, a guide, an assistance vehicle and a Government Liaison Officer that will come along with you during all your trip and until your exit of the country. Again, if you want to know more information about traveling with your own vehicle in Myanmar, please click here.

Myanmar to India – India to Myanmar

Since 2014, you have been able to discover Myanmar entering from India at Moreh/Tamu border. But to cross this border it was necessary to get some special permits and officially leave through the same border, unless you were part of a Caravan Tour.

All this recently changed for the benefit of travelers. Since August 8th of 2018, two borders between India and Myanmar has been improved, giving them the status of International Border and allowing you to enter with a Myanmar e-visa. Then you can get out of Myanmar by any open border post, including to Thailand.

Tamu More Border
Opening Ceremony of International Border of Myanmar – India (Tamu/Moreh)

We want to share with you a news we read on the newspapers in which it is said that it seems that you can also enter India with an Online Visa. After many efforts from our part contacting with the Embassy of India in Myanmar and with the electronic visa service of India, we have not been able to confirm this information.

Even if these borders only allow the free transit of travelers without motor vehicles, it is still very useful for travelers who ride bicycles, backpackers and all those who travel by bus. 

A third border is available between India and Myanmar, Nampong/Pangsau, it is however closed to foreigners.

Tamu Land Border Checkpoint (Tamu/Moreh – Sagaing/Manipur)

This was the first open border between Myanmar and India, connecting the towns of Tamu and Moreh in the states of Sagain Region and Manipur respectively.

For decades this border was closed, only local people were allowed to cross without permits and without visas, but only to visit the neighboring city as they could not go beyond 16km and they needed to renew the permit every 3 days. Nowadays, the situation is still the same for local people and the rest of the Indian citizens can also visit Tamu without visas but they need to come back on the same day. Only if they have a Myanmar visa they can continue beyond Tamu, as well as other travelers from third countries can do.

Once you enter Tamu you can easily find a connection to get to Kalay, and then another one to Mandalay. There is a daily mini-bus doing this route and it is expected that this service improve soon.

Note: The permit required for Manipur State in India is not needed anymore.

Rihkhawdar Land Border Checkpoint (Rihkhawdar/Zokhawthar – Chin State/Mizoram)

This is the last open border post between India and Myanmar, Zokhawthar in Mizoram, opposite Rih Khaw Dar in Myanmar’s Chin state. It is a new route of entry and exit to explore the neighboring country. You can also cross it if you have a Myanmar e-visa. In any case, note that the infrastructures and transport services of that area are quite scarce.

New border between India an Myanmar in Mizoram/Chin State
Finalizing the preparations for the opening of the Rihkhanwdar Border

So leaving from that remote area can be a little more expensive than if you enter from Tamu, but it also promises to be a more authentic experience for the most adventurous explorers. In the surroundings there is not much to do, you can only interact with the local people and visit one of the few places of interest, the lake Rih

Myanmar to China

This border is currently closed

If you are travelling to or from China, the border between this country and Myanmar is open at Ruili/ Muse. The procedure remains the same: you will only be permitted to enter having previously obtained a Myanmar visa in Kunming, China, the overland permit and you will also need a Liaison Officer and a Guide who will be in charge of accompanying you throughout your stay in the country. For those wishing to travel from Myanmar to China, the Consulate in Mandalay issues visas.

Myanmar to Laos (Kenglap/Xieng Kok)

In 2015, the construction of a bridge (“Lao Myanmar Friendship Bridge” ) that crosses the Mekong River and links Myanmar with Laos was completed. The bridge connect the Xieng Kok (Chiang Kok) and Kenglat in Shan State.

For the first time Myanmar and Laos are connected by road, although unfortunately the Laos Gate is still closed for foreigners. But the gate will open soon. 

Laos gate at Myanmar Border
The building of Laos Gate is almost done, but the offices are still empty

The Myanmar gate is ready and waiting to welcome foreigners. For now, only locals are crossing the border. Even them only can go to the city border, they can’t go beyond Keingat. To do so, they must hold a Myanmar Visa

Myanmar Gate Kenglap border with Laos
Myanmar Gate at Laos Friendship Bridge

Bangladesh to Myanmar – Myanmar to Bangladesh

There is currently no open border facilitating the passage between Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Myanmar to Thailand – Thailand to  Myanmar

To date there are 5 borders that will allow you to travel between Myanmar and Thailand.

Tachileik Land Border Checkpoint (Taichileik/Mae Sai – Shan State/Chiang Rai)

You will now be able to use the land border between Tachileik and Mae Sai. However, once in Myanmar, for your safety, you will not have the opportunity to travel by land and you will have to continue your journey by plane to another open zone.

Myanmar Thailand Northern Border
Tachileik Border Gate

Myawaddy Land Border Checkpoint (Myawaddy/Mae Sot – Kayin State/Tak)

The border between Myawaddy and Mae Sot is the easiest to reach from Bangkok and therefore the busiest one. It is possible to travel by bus from Bangkok to Mae Sot without any difficulty. If you are not in Bangkok, many buses also depart daily from major cities in Thailand. From Myawaddy in Myanmar you can then reach Yangon, Hpa-An and Mawlamyne by bus, but this service is more limited.

Myanmar - Thailand border
Myanmar gate in Myawaddy – Thailand border crossing

Phu Nam Ron / Htee Khee

If you want to reach easily southern Myanmar then Phu Nam Ron/ Htee Khee is the most direct border from Bangkok. There are many minibuses every day, both from Myanmar and Thailand, and you can enjoy the fauna and flora of this still natural area. Those who wish to join Dawei will be able to do so in less than 5 hours.

Three Pagodas Pass (Payathonzu / Sangkhlaburi)

The border crossing at Three Pagodas Pass is open to Thai and Burmese citizens only. To date, foreigners are not allowed to cross this border.

Kawthoung / Ranong (Myanmar International Land Border Check Point)

The last border of this list, Kawthoung / Ranong, is also open for both foreigners and locals. You can then continue your visit to Myanmar by bus, boat or plane depending on your next destination.

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