Thailand-Myanmar friendship Bridge

Myawaddy is one of the easiest internationally land border point for the travelers. You can apply e-visa in advance so as to visit Myanmar. If you want to know all of the information about border points and visa process in Myanmar, please visit Myanmar Land Borders and Myanmar Visa 2018 .

About Myawaddy

This is one of the officially internationally border check point between Mae Sot and Myawaddy towns. As far as I know it is one of the easiest borders as it is bustling with the visitors everyday. In 2016, Myanmar and Thailand connected directly with a Friendship Bridge, which passes over Moei River. In my opinion, Mae Sot area is more modern than Myawaddy area. As there are many currency exchange desks in this town, you can change your Thai currency into Myanmar without any difficulties. As soon as you reach Myawaddy spot, you will see four-lane main road which is hectic with shops, cafes, travel agents. Moreover this road heads towards the west  and on the beyond of this town, turn into Hpa An highway. On the way of west, you will notice that the town is larger and cover with newer buildings such as hotels and restaurants.

Things to do in Myawaddy

As this is a Buddhist country, there are some famous pagodas in Myawaddy. After passing through the Friendship Bridge, I am pretty sure that this town is small enough to visit easily by foot. If not, you can hire the rickshaws on a budget.

The Golden Pagoda (Shwe Muay Wan)

Shwe Muay Wan pagoda
The white and gold twin temples and the children

It is such an impressive site with numerous big Buddha Images which are more than 1000 years old.One of which is a duplicate of Mahamuni temple in Mandalay. You have to take nearly 5 minutes to reach this pagoda from the border by the rickshaw. If you want to explore more pagodas, there is three more temples which are just a little far from the city center.

Mikyaungon Temple (The Crocodile Temple)


Crocodile temple at Myawaddy
Exquisiteness crocodile image with the temple on the back

According to Myanmar culture, lions serve as the guardian of about ninety percent of the pagodas. So, this is the most unusual temple for Myanmar as it was built on the back of the giant open-mouthed crocodile image. Moreover, there is a library on the top of the statue. However, women do not have access to enter into in accordance with Myanmar tradition. You can also go there with rickshaw from the border and have to spend nearly 10 minutes.

Viewpoint Pagoda (Ta Te On Pagoda)

Even though it is a simple and usual pagoda, it can provide you the scenic beauty of the environment including Thailand, northern and southern part of Myawaddy. It is definitely a worth place to visit as it can be admired you with picturesque view.

Myawaddy Market

There are two famous markets in Myawaddy, one is in the morning and the last is in the evening. However, the morning market is not as photogenic and picturesque as the evening one. In the evening market, this is long and narrow with the series of wooden shops.

Transportation from Myawaddy to other towns

Now there is  a road that joins Myawaddy up by the rest of the Myanmar and crosses over the beautiful Dawna Mountain. In order to visit Hpa An from Myawaddy, you can hire jeeps or private cars which will take nearly 6 hours. There are also another day-to-day buses which run to Hpa An, Mawlamyine and Yangon. If you want to go to Hpa An, sharing taxi will definitely be the best option. Even though it is more expensive than the bus, it is the easiest and fastest one. According to the information, “Mr Beauty Sharing Taxi Service” which is well-known among the travelers. If you directly go to Yangon, there is GI Group Express and Shwe Mandalar Express.


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