Phowintaung Buddha Statue Cave Temple

Phowintaung Caves

Phowintaung is a compound of Buddhist caves which inscribe the Buddha images and depictions. It is 25 kilometers far from the west of Monywa city and also located in Sagaing region.

? Phowintaung Caves

Phowintaung cave is the Buddha compound cave and lies 25 kilometers west of Monywa. It is also on the west bank of the Chindwin River which pass through the Monywa city of Sagaing Region. According to Myanmar terminology, the definition of  Hpo Win Daung is the mountain which is unique for meditation.

According to the legends, the Pho Win Taung Buddha Statue cave temple once became the home of the extraordinary people who had the superstitious powers. The name of the supernatural man who stayed in these caves was U Pho Win. Therefore these caves were named as Phowintaung caves in the prestige of U Pho Win.

According to Myanmar oral history, U Pho Win was powerful enough to fly and live beneath the water. He also can cure the illness and switch the bass materials into gold ones. Moreover he can transfer to any spot within a few minutes. U Pho Win also hold the philosopher’s stone which is mighty. People who live in this area also suggest that U Pho Win rehearsed the meditation in order to attain the ultimate goal.

? Po Win Taung Caves Temples

Phowintaung Buddha Statue Cave Temple
The white stupas on the Hpo Win Daung Buddha Statue Cave Temple

This complex also comprises with over 900 caves and all of them are both large and small. Nearly 450,000 Buddha images can be found in Hpowintaung caves. The Grand paintings and numerous statues of the Gautama Buddha are ornate these temples. However, Hpo Win Daung has been disregarded for many years. The most important point is that these statues and paintings are from the 14th century. Moreover, these Buddha statues are sculptured into the outcrop of sandstone. The paintings are also on the wall of the cave and inscribe the figures of Jakata story. The depictions of the Buddha also cover most of the ceilings.

The Jakata stories are the literature which relate with India and also describe the preceding life of Gautama Buddha. These stories will let you know the preceding lives of Buddha which include human as well as in animal. These data involve the numerous lives of Buddha such as the empire, lion and others.Many consider that Jakata storylines are the premature Buddhist documentation and which antecedent to the 4th century.

There are also the small galleries which can have an access from the image hall. Most of the caves in Phowintaung are especially from 1.8 to 4.6 meters deep. The decoration of traditional Myanmar Kanot patterns are everywhere of the entrance. Most of them are the patterns of leaves and flowers on the long and thin stems.

You will see the mythological lions which serve as guardians of these caves as per usual of Myanmar tradition and culture. Furthermore, you will also find out the golden monkey around Phowintaung which seems to be here for centuries ago.

Phowintaung Pagoda Festival

It is a Buddhist festival and held on the ancient temple ground and usually celebrate in November. However, the date cannot define exactly because it is determined with Myanmar lunar calendar. This calendar is used by the phases of moon to decide the festival time. The festival ground is vibrant and it’s the time for the farmers and villagers to visit family and friends. You can enjoy the traditional music and plays during the festival.

? Zone Fees for Phowintaung Buddha Statue Cave Temple

You can have access from Monywa by taking a boat to pass through the Chindwin River. Otherwise, you can use a new bridge to access directly these caves. The zone fees for the Phowintaung is 2$ per person.

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