Pindaya Cave, Full of Thousands of Buddha Images

Thousands of Buddha Images in Pindaya Cave

The Pindaya cave is set in a limestone hill. It contains three caves, only one of them open to public. This cave is about 150 meters long and contain Thousands of Buddha Images. Various styles of images represent the different eras from the early Konbaung dynasty to current condition in which they were assembled. Unless you can ensure the period of the first image, you will imagine that the earliest one were shaped in 18th century. It is because the bottom of each image describes the era and donor.

Pindaya Caves Myanmar

Prior to the Pindaya caves, there are the statues of Giant Spider and Prince. Even though the statue of Prince is just normal, the Spider is not. I felt that throughout my body overwhelmed with terror only through this masterpiece of Spider. Even though the peaceful Buddha and vicious spider seem like incongruous, travelers even delight in it. Another point is that if you continue a few minutes from this cave, you will detect the Pontaloke Lake. This lake is where the commencement of Pindaya cave.

As soon as you reach the inside of the Pindaya caves, you will see Shwe U Min Pagoda or the Golden Cave Pagoda. This is said to be built by the King Ashoka, the Indian emperor during the 3rd century. Furthermore, you will find the bronze bell which was cast in 1842.

Some areas of Pindaya caves need to enter by crawling. Some of which are aimed for meditation chamber and that accommodate small Buddha Statues.

During Tabaung full moon day festival, thousands of people visit Pindaya caves in order to pay homage.

Stairs at Pindaya Cave
Aerial view of pindaya cave with stairways and pontaloke lake

Pindaya Cave History

The local told me that legend of the Pindaya cave. Once upon a time there were seven princesses took a bath in the Pontaloke Lake. Then they took a rest in Pindaya Cave. At this time, the Giant Spider captured them and the prince picked all of the princesses up from the cave by killing Spider.

Moreover, there was another myth that I perceived. Once there was a canal in this cave which everyone could directly access to Bagan. One day, a young monk with two dogs proceeded to Bagan by using this canal. But none of them could reach Bagan and return to Pindaya. Therefore, people assumed that they passed away. They also suggested that there may have dangerous animals. Finally, they decided to restrict the canal so as not to pass through.

Entrance of Pindaya Cave
Entrance of Pindaya Cave with frightening giant Spider

How to get to Pindaya?

Pindaya cave is in the Southern Shan State and near the village of Pindaya. It is prominent because of its limestone cave. It is also near with Heho Airport and Inle Lake. If you want to visit Keng Tung from there, you need to take a flight. There is a walkway from the Pindaya town to the entrance of the Pindaya caves. Unless you can walk, you will take a car to the entrance of it. Then, you can take an elevator or stairs, to enjoy the Pindaya caves. When I was there, I took an elevator in order that I would appreciate the great view of Pindaya.

Experience of Mine

Interior of Pindaya Cave
Inner side of Pindaya Cave with many small Buddha Images

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I visited there. Because I found out that both of the women and men can offer golden robes to the pagodas. In the culture of Buddhism, you cannot proffer golden sheets to the shrine as long as you are being a woman. On the other hand, I could provide golden plates to the temples by myself for the very first time. I was over the moon because of that experience.

More than thousands of Buddha Images scatter and cramp in the cave. You will observe the images not only every small corner but also up to the ceiling. Among these images are also the statues of Buddha, in which they were look like with stalagmites and stalactites. Please be careful when exploring around the dimly lit cave as the floor getting wet. There are mats along the corridor, in order that the visitors not to get slippery. Please do not forget to take the flashlight. Although there are many lightning bulbs in the cave, sometimes the electricity cannot available as per usual.

Entrance Fees of Pindaya Caves

The Pindaya caves entrance fee is 3000 kyats per person.

Have you ever tried to count the number of Buddha images when you were there? Did you buy some traditional products such as green tea leaf and shan traditional food? Did you use ladder and elevator to reach the cave?We would be great if you share your experience and leave rating for this post.

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