Buddha Image in Pyay

Pyay, where the area is on the list of UNESCO Heritage, Sri Kestra is located in this town. Pyay township is in the area of Bago region. You can observe over a thousand year old monastery and pagodas. Furthermore, it is famous for the rice salad. If you come and visit Pyay, this meal will be a must. For local people, when someone talk about about Pyay, everyone see rice salad in their eyes. Moreover Taungoo is  Now let us share some landmarks, their locations on map and zone fees in Pyay.

Pyay History

An ancient capital of Myanmar during Pyu era, Sri Kestra which located in the southeast of Pyay. This city enclosed with circular walls and at this time it was the giant wall around South East Asia. Within the 5th and 9th centuries, Pyay achieved the summit of success. After the second world war, Pyay also became the British territory. Therefore the British named this city as Prome.

The most important point is that it has been in the UNESCO Heritage list since 2014. However there are not much remains from origin, there also still have palaces, tombs and religious areas. You can also observe Baw Baw Gyi Pagoda , Rahanta Cave Pagoda and the great cemetery. The Sri Kestra compound is wide about 47 square kilometers. It means that it is too wide to observe and visit by walking.

Things to do in Pyay

Once it became the capital of Myanmar as well as the one of the most important commercial city for current situation. Being a commercial center, it also has many attractions to enjoy for sightseeing.The following places are the must while you are in Pyay.

Shwesandaw Pagoda

Shwesandaw Pagoda in Pyay
Shwesandaw Pagoda with it’s surrounding small stupa

Shwesandaw pagoda is the most famous pagoda in this city. You can enjoy it on the east of Ayeyarwaddy river. The preceding name of this pagoda was Mya Thi Htin. Moreover it is in the city center and also close with UNESCO Heritage site, Sri Kestra. There is also a chamber in the southern part and which also house the replica of the Buddha Tooth Relic. The entrance fee for this pagoda is around 2$ to 3$ per person.

Shwe Myet Man Paya

Shwe Myet Man Pagoda in Pyay
Shwe Myet Man Buddha Image and four small buddha images

The meaning of this Shwe Myet Man Paya is that the Buddha image with spectacles. It is on the way of Yangon to Shwedaung Highway. Many consider that by worshiping to this image can treat the illness especially eye diseases. The current spectacles are the third one and the first one were during the 18th and 19th century. But the first one were stolen and so the people donated the second glasses. Finally, the third one was offered by the wife of the British officer who suffered from eye diseases. After donating glasses to this pagoda, this woman recovered her eyesight.

Shwedaung Pagoda

Shwedaung pagoda is about 14 kilometers far from the south of Pyay. Moreover this pagoda is also well known as Shwenattaung Pagoda. The name of the Shwenattaung Pagoda means the mountain of the golden spirit. Furthermore, this pagoda was antecedent to the Sri Kestra era. It can be assumed as the landmark of Pyay as it is the tallest pagoda in this area.

Akauk Taung

Akauk Taung Pagoda in Pyay
Akauk Taung which carves in a rocky mountain

This mountain locate on the bank of Ayeyarwaddy river. This mountain is famous day by day because thousands of Buddha Images are carved into the rocky mountain. The legend said that this was made by the fishermen. Before they sail into the sea, they came here and carve the Buddha images and made the wishes. To visit this place, you have to go the Akauk Taung Pagoda boat jetty at Tonbo village at first. Then you need to take a boat nearly 30 minutes in order to reach there.

Sri Kestra (Tharay Khit Taya)

Ancient Payagyi pagoda in Pyay
Ancient bell shape Payagyi pagoda in Sri Kestra, Pyay

Sri Kestra (Tharay Khit Taya) was the capital during a Pyu kingdom from the fifth to ninth centuries. However, the Bagan king burnt this area in the 11th century. Even though it is conserved, some of the monuments are eventually in the ruins stage. This site is pretty small when compare with Bagan. Though it is still wide to visit on foot and you will get exhausted. The most noteworthy is that Sri Kestra is encircled by not only the ancient history but also the modern. Furthermore, there are small villages and farms encompass around this area. The entrance fees for this site will be around 4$ to 5$ per person.

Baw Baw Gyi and Be Be Gyi Pagodas

Baw Baw Gyi Pagoda in Pyay
Baw Baw Gyi pagoda, the most ancient one in Sri Kestra, Pyay

These pagodas can be found in the old city of Sri Kestra. Baw Baw Gyi pagoda is in cylindrical shape and considered to be built entirely of brick during the 5th century. Once it’s surface assumed to be smooth stucco but unfortunately it is very rough with plants and some crevices due to the pigeons. Be Be Gyi pagoda is in cube form and believed to be built in the 10th century. The most important point is that Baw Baw Gyi pagoda is the most mature one in this area.

Thone Pan Hla Monastery

Thone Pan Hla
The old and destructive Thone Pan Hla building with shrubs

Thone Pan Hla monastery was erected more than 1000 years ago due to the death of Thone Pan Hla princess. The princess was gorgeous and her beauty like a shining sun. But she passed away because of the heartbroken while she were young. After burying her death body, people built this monastery in order to remember her. Furthermore, they also believe in that the spirit of princess has been here till now.

Would you like to enjoy your holidays in Myanmar? We would like to invite you to visit our country including Pyay together with us.  We can assure you that we will provide the blissful moment for you.

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