Shwenandaw Monastery

Shwenandaw Monastery Exterior

Shwenandaw Monastery, the most significant masterpiece of wooden art and a great example of Myanmar teak architecture during 19th century. Moreover, it is the soul of the bygone wooden Royal Palace erected by King Mindon. If you would like to research wooden architecture of archaic Myanmar, let’s go to this place.

Shwenandaw Monastery History

Shwenandaw Monastery is a part of the Royal Palace from Amarapura. After moving the capital city into Mandalay, the building was demolished and transferred to Mandalay. After that, rebuilt it as a member of teak Royal Palace during 1857 in order to apply particular living ward for King Mindon. When the king passed away, his son King Thibaw shifted it to contemporary area out of palace. In 1880, transformed it into a monastery so as to recognize the worth of King Mindon. On the other hand, people suggest that King Thibaw handled this monastery in order to enjoy meditation. Shwenandaw Monastery is a tremendous place which represents the bygone impression of the Royal Palace. Since the fire of Second World War consumed the palace, the monastery became the only original teak building, remain of Royal Palace. Therefore many consider that the soul of King Mindon still pervade the monastery.

Architecture of Shwenandaw Monastery

Shwenandaw Monastery Interior
Interior decoration of the Shwenandaw Monastery with sitting Buddha Image and golden columns

This over 100 year old monastery is in a masterpiece of wooden art and culture. You can observe Myanmar Architectural Style in this monastery. Furthermore, it is also glorious with gorgeous wood carvings. In retrospect, the golden plates dressed up all around the monastery. However, the tropical weather eroded the exterior golden plates and so only the interior lasts till now. Sadly, some of the outer sculpture damaged seriously due to the weather. Inside the monastery, you can study the scenes about the life of Buddha in good condition.These scenes are kept inside the gleaming and mosaic wooden cabinets. Furthermore, there are also some figures of King Mindon and Thibaw on timbered board. Inside the Shwenandaw Monastery, there are gigantic teak pillars which assist the roof. The inner side of the monastery has some of the finest conserved panels, the defence of weather and sunlight. The main Buddha image is in the central point of the building inside the primary room. Going inside in order to worship the Buddha image can do only through the gentleman. This monastery has four tiered roofs which include various sections. Either of the section has a smaller scale than the one underneath of it. The details of sophisticated wood carvings encircle around the roof lines such as animals, flowers and legendary creatures.

roof of Shwenandaw Monastery
Wooden Sculpture which shape in the roof of Shwenandaw Monastery

How to get there?

Shwenandaw Monastery is a few meters away from the Royal Palace, bordering with Atumashi Monastery and 14th street. From the downtown of Mandalay, you can hire a private taxi or rickshaw to get there and it will not cost much.

Entrance Fee

You can purchase Mandalay Archeological zone ticket in order that you would like to visit this monastery. This ticket will be valid for historic sites around Mandalay including Sagaing, Innwa and Amarapura.

When we went there for the first time during Thingyan Festival, this monastery was closed. How about you? Have you ever been there? Do you feel impressed with this Myanmar architecture? Hope you can find some interested information in this post.

Would you like to enjoy your holidays in Myanmar? We would like to invite you to visit our country including Shwenandaw Monastery together with us.  We can assure you that we will provide the blissful moment for you.

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