Indo Myanmar Friendship Gate

Tamu is the international border crossing for India and Myanmar. This can assume as one of the easiest and usual borders for visitors to enter/exit into/from Myanmar and India.

Tamu History

Tamu, the border crossing town between India and Myanmar, located along the Indo-Myanmar border, neighboring with Manipur in North India. This town is just 5 kilometers far from Moreh. Furthermore, this area was where the serious battles happened between the British and Japanese during the second world war. After that the Allied Forces beat the Japanense in order to enter Imphal. General Mahabandoola, commander in chief of Royal Burmese Armed Forces won the battle in Manipur and placed the nominee on the Manipuri Throne.

Tamu Market

This market is bustling with locals who sell everything from head to toe. Therefore, it can consider as a great place in Tamu to fulfill our requirements. In addition most of the things that can be available in this market are from Thailand and China. However, the products from the Western Countries seem to be rared.

Tamu-Moreh Border

Friendship Bridge in India-Myanmar Border within Tamu Township
India-Myanmar Friendship Road Sign in Tamu

Not only Indian citizens can visit Tamu but also Myanmar citizens can enter Moreh without visa. You need to prove only your valid identity card. However, they cannot stay overnight and they have to come back before the closing hours of border. According to the updated information, both of the residents in border, can access to cross border at any time with one year border crossing permit. Once the third countries citizen cannot enter and exit Tamu with online visa. Nowadays, both of the governments from Myanmar and India officially announce to allow online visa. For more information you can visit Myanmar Visa 2018 . Please notice that there are two different gates. One is for the citizens of Myanmar and India and the other is for third countries citizen.

Things to do

According to the information that I’ve learnt, there is not much interesting and sightseeing area in this region. The only attraction is the village monastery which is just a few kilometers further from border check point. The other place which is worthwhile to visit is the market that I have mentioned in the former paragraph. Some visitors offer you to drink sugarcane juice and suggest that it is a must in this area. But this juice is widely available all around Myanmar.

Tamu Transportation

If you want to go to Mandaly or Yangon or somewhere in Myanmar from Tamu, unfortunately there is only direct transportation to Yangon and only Shwe Mandalar Express can offer this transportation. There are other options that you have take small bus from Tamu to Kalay and after arriving there you have to change the Express to continue to Yangon. Chin Taung Tan Express and High Class Express have this kind of service. You can also take the flight of Air Bagan and Myanmar National Airline from Kalay to Yangon. Moreover Myanmar National Airline and Air KBZ fly directly from Kalay to Mandalay. However, there is not any direct flights to Bagan (Nyaung U). You have to take a flight to Mandalay and after that transit to Bagan (Nyaung U) and please contact to Mann Yadanarpon Airlines and Myanmar National Airline.

Have you ever entered or exited Myanmar through Tamu? If you have been there, let us know your experience by sharing in the comment box.

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      To be honest, our tours end in Tamu and so we don’t have any experience about hotels in Tamu.

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