The Second Tallest Buddha Statue in the World (Laykyun Setkyar)

The seccond tallest Buddha statue in the world, reclining Buddha Image and Stupa

Laykyun Setkyar Buddha Statue (Bodhi Ta Htaung), the second tallest Buddha statue in the world, located in Sagaing Region. If you are in Monywa, you have to take around 40 minutes to reach there. Before 2017, Laykyun Sekkya Myanmar was the biggest and tallest statue in the world. Moreover, you can appreciate one of the largest Reclining Buddha image in Myanmar. On the other hand, you can enjoy thousands of sitting Buddha images which are beneath the thousands of bodhi trees. You can enjoy many other things which can do in Sagaing Region. Let us share about the Laykyun Setkyar Buddha Statue in the following post.

 ? Maha Bodhi Tahtaung

Laykyun Sekkya Bodhi Tahtaung
Sitting Buddha Images under a thousand Bodhi tree which are next to Laykyun Sekkya Buddha Statue

It is famous for the second tallest standing Buddha statue in the world, Laykyun Setkyar Statue. This religious site consists of a thousand of sitting Buddha images beneath the bodhi trees. Moreover, this site also contains the giant reclining Buddha image, Aung Sakkya Stupa and sitting Buddha image. For current condition, this sitting statue is in construction and considered to be the world’s largest one. The monks can observe the Buddhist Literature in this religious site. In 1960, Maha Bodhi Ta Htaung Sayadaw discovered this site. Then he seeded thousands of Bodhi trees throughout this site together with the grand child of King Mindon, Nan Oo Sayadaw. After that these Bodhi trees become the intention for Buddhists and put the Buddha Images under these trees.

?  Laykyun Setkyar Inside

Laykyun Setkyar, the second tallest Buddha statue in the world
The second tallest Buddha statue in the world (Laykyun Sekkya) under the blue sky

Laykyun Setkyar height is 129 meters with thirty one levels, refer to 31stages of of life cycle according to the traditional of Buddhists. The depictions in every levels are fascinating and prominent. Once Laykyun Sekkya Myanmar was the highest statue but nowadays it is the second tallest Buddha statue in the world. Furthermore, Laykyun Sekkya Buddha Statue  took 12 years to accomplish and held the opening celebration in 2008. Laykyun Setkyar is set on the hill which is a little bit steep. So you have to climb a little otherwise you can hire a motor bike to enjoy Laykyun Sekkya. For the foreign visitors, Laykyun Sekkya will be an attractive visual object. However, Laykyun Sekkya is a place of worship for the local people. Visitors can enter into the Laykyun Sekkya image and have access to all of the floors. Some of the first levels have awful religious art. A naked devilish figure eats infants upon a banana leaf. The number of horned fellows smash people with hammers before putting them into the fire gravel. These paintings show the layers of hell where all kinds of torture are wreaked vengeance, such as burning and cutting. The purpose of these depictions are encouraging people to live a life well and to avoid bad behaviors. Furthermore, this is similar with the Christian tradition.

Interior of the second tallest Buddha statue in the world
The interior decoration of Standing Buddha Image (Laykyun Sekkya)

?  Reclining Buddha Image

In 1991, this Reclining Buddha Image was built with a length of 101 meters and 18 meters in width. This image dresses with a golden robe and lies down on a pedestal. It rests in front of the Laykyun Sekkya Standing Buddha Image. The construction completed in 1991 and the interior structure is hollow type. Visitors can observe into the interior which is brimful of 9000 tiny Buddha Images. You have climb several staircases in order to reach this reclining Buddha image.

?  Aung Sakkya Pagoda

This pagoda is set at the foot of the hell and the construction finalized in 1979. This golden with a white base has the height of 70 meters and topped with an ornamental element like most of the pagodas. The small pagodas which enshrine with Buddha Images encompass this pagoda. Next to this pagoda is the ostentatious pavilion which include the multi tiered Pyatthat roof.

?  Zone Fees

According to the updated information from the ministry of hotel and tourism, the zone fees for the Sagaing Region is 5000 kyats per person.

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