Yangon Central Railway Station

Yangon Circular Train

Yangon Central Railway Station, where our Yangon Circular Train Tour starts, a trip that will bring you back to the colonial age of Myanmar.

History of Yangon Central Railway Station

It is the most gigantic railway station in Myanmar. Moreover it can reach directly to Southern Shan State, Lower Myanmar (Taninthayi Region) and Upper Myanmar (Kachin State).

At first, the British built it in 1877 in order to support Myanmar’s first railway line, Yangon to Pyay. However it became a special bombing target of the Japonese during World War II. After that, the Architect U Tin designed the current station in a traditional Burmese Architectural Style. In 1947, the engineer Sithu U Tin started the construction and completed ths one in 1954. It costed the total of 4.75 millions in Myanmar Currency. In June 1954, they held the opening ceremony of the Yangon Central Railway Station.

Yangon Circular Train

Yangon Circular Train
People who enjoy taking a Yangon Circular Train

The Yangon Circular Train will allow you to observe the daily life of local people. You will for example be led to see the stress free atmosphere and street life style of some people. It takes approximately 3 hours to complete the trip by the Yangon Circular Train. It makes both left-handed and right-handed journeys every now and then along the railway loop.

Stops and Timetable of Yangon Circular Train

Yangon Circular Train network contains nearly 40 stops and fastening the variegated parts of Yangon. The expedition will start form Yangon Central Railway Station and also end in Yangon Railway Station too. The circular train will arrive the station every 30 minutes or 20 minutes. I would like to recommend you to enjoy it in the morning. Because it is the most suitable time to analyze the various life styles of Myanmar People.

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